Carbo range

(Conforms to MCC Law 6 2008)

Please note that the CARBO bats come with the CARBOCANE handle and are available in our top 2 Grades of English Willow: the Carbo Firefly (Grade 1) and the Carbo Comet (Grade 2).
We have had numerous requests for a bat that fits the player who requires a bat that is going to keep its performance for longer than usual.  The CARBO bat is designed to give the extra power low in the blade whilst maintaining an even balance. We can make these bats with either a slight bow in the blade or just plain straight one. The point of the bowed blade is to give extra lift to the shot and therefore help the player clear the fielders. The bow also helps with the balance of the bat, making it feel lighter. This is particularly helpful on artificial wickets where the ball does not come on to the bat.
James Laver designed and tested the CARBOCANE handle in 2002 in order to offer a different handle option to Laver & Wood customers. He has used several different designs since then and released the latest version in May 2008. He has changed the design of the handle to comply with the new laws recently released by the MCC. The new laws require that no more than 10% of the handle is made from materials other than cane, wood or twine. These extra materials also must not project more than 82.6mm into the lower portion of the handle.
Carbo Cane TechnologyThe CARBOCANE handle is a unique option for L&W customers. A carbon/S-Glass tube is inserted 75mm into the top of the handle. This insert helps the handle retain its stiffness and strength for a longer period of time whilst staying well within the new 2008 cricket laws. This also helps to make the bat retain power after substantial use. A standard traditional cane handle tends to become quite flexible after a period of use, resulting in a decrease in power.

We are also researching the use of different timbers in the handle construction. This is due to current cricket bat handle cane being harvested from rain forests and not replanted. This leads to depletion of the world's natural resources. 

One must remember that the curved blade is not suitable for every player's game. It can sometimes encourage one to hit in the air too often and risk getting caught out. If you are a positive player that likes to hit over the top (especially players who play on grounds where the grass in the outfield is overly long) then this is likely to be the best choice of bat for you.

CARBO Firefly - Premium Grade 1

The Firefly is made from Grade 1 English Willow with a CARBOCANE handle and is available in the following sizes & styles: Short Handle, Long Handle and Long Blade and within a weight range of 2lb7ozs to 3lbs6ozs.
UK £340 | USA US$550 | India US$550 | Australia A$600 |New Zealand NZ$649

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The weight range for our Carbo bats is 2lbs7ozs to 3lbs6ozs. These bats are most popular in the 2.10-2-12 weight range as they have a huge amount of willow in the blade and therefore plenty of power without being too heavy. The willow we use allows us to produce the lightest pickup imaginable for such a large amount of wood. The face of this bat is available flat or with a slight bow and is prepared mostly by hand mallet in terms of pressing. The edges are consistently huge and the profile depth massive. The profile can also be made to a lower or higher sweet spot depending on your specification. A higher sweet spot gives a lighter pickup and faster bat speed than a lower sweet spot.