Our Heritage bat is our most traditional bat. It is produced using tried and tested bat-making techniques that have been utilised for as long as bats have been made.

Price: NZ$495
Laver & Wood's Traditional Cricket Bat

This bat is designed to reflect the requirements of the cricketer who respects his equipment and wants to have an advantage over his opponents. The willow is selected from about 80% of the finest willow that we import into New Zealand. Due to this we normally have at least five hundred pieces of Heritage willow in stock at any one time and therefore are in an excellent position to pick out the best piece suited to your chosen specification. The grading of willow is what distinguishes the Heritage bat from the rest of the range.

Please fill in our free bat-sizing form and mention that you are interested in the Heritage bat in the Additional Comments box.

An average weight for the Heritage bat would be in the region of 2lbs10ozs. At this weight the profile of the bat is huge and gives one an advantage by having lots of wood behind the sweet spot. We can make the Heritage bat in the weight range of 2lb7ozs to 3lbs6ozs.
The blade of the bat can be made up to three inches longer (in absolute extreme circumstances) and the handle up to two inches longer (again not recommended due to extra weight) however the bat cannot exceed a length of 38 inches in total. The blade width can be no more than 4 1/4 inches and has to be made of wood.
Our Heritage bats are being used at all levels of cricket throughout the world today. The quality of the bat is regarded by many as being one of the very best available.
Our full size Heritage Bats are available in the following sizes and styles: Short Handle, Long Handle, Long Blade and can be made within a weight range of 2lb7ozs to 3lbs6ozs.
Please contact us to begin a discussion regarding the type of bat that will best suit your game.