The specialist 20/20 player deserves a specialist 20/20 bat. The long handle and short blade combination allows a huge profile to be produced without making the bat too heavy. The long handle also helps create a massive lever to assist in making the ball soar over the boundary.

Price: NZ$495
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Laver & Wood's Big Bruiser

The T20 bat has been designed specifically for the shortest form of the game. Cricketers who play 20/20 cricket regularly know that clearing the boundary at the right time is of paramount importance and the L&W T20 will certainly help you achieve this. This bat takes the longer handle, shorter blade to the limit and thus allows for ridiculously huge profiles. This bat is definitely not for everyone but if you want to see the ball disappearing over long-on, long-off and mid-wicket then this could be the bat for you. We can make the T20 in the weight range of 2lbs 7ozs to 3lbs 6ozs but is best suited to the 2lbs 12ozs region and above.

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The blade of the bat can be made up to three inches longer (this is in extreme circumstances) and handle up to two inches longer (again not recommended due to extra weight); the bat cannot exceed a length of 38 inches in total. The blade width can be no more than 4 1/4 inches and has to be made of wood.
T20 Bats can be made in a variety of lengths with a weight range of 2lb7ozs through to 3lbs6ozs.
Please contact us for details of the type of bat that will best suit your game.